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Voubs help center

I. Awards
Answer the question if there are awards:
If no, you are ready to save & publish your contest;
If yes, then you have a list of the awards settings that you need to fill in.

II. Awards settings
Select the number of winners - this will bring you the corresponding places to fill in. If you select 3, this means your contest has 3 awards. For each award you need to fill in what type is the award: Cash, Growing Cash, Product/Service or WINGS;
For Cash award: fill in the amount and select the currency from the drop-down menu.
For WINGS award: fill in the amount.
For product/ service award: fill in the name of the award, the approximate value, description of the award and you can add product image and/or link to the award.
If on Step 1, you have selected that there will be entry fee, the option Growing Cash will be available for you. You can offer guaranteed award in euro + per cent of the entry  fees as bonus award.
After that you go to the group awards which mean that you need to select if there will be repetitive awards for a few places. If yes, then you fill in the places and the award (award in the same method as above mentioned).

III. Now you are ready to Save & Go
After that you need to wait a few hours for the VOUBS admin to accept your contest. Only after the confirmation of the admin, the contest will be LIVE on the website.
If there are any awards, you will be asked to transfer them to the VOUBS account as the platform guarantees to all the participants the awards.

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