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Voubs help center

These are two completely different types of registrations and you should never use both options at the same time.

If you register an account via the VOUBS registration form, you will get your own username and password that are valid for login to the platform.

If you wish to use the platform in long term, to participate in contests, to apply for a jury team membership, to create groups and to organize contests, we recommend that you complete the registration form of VOUBS. In this case, you choose your username and password and then fill in your account with - photo, names, birthday, profession, etc.

If you are looking for a quick access to the platform, a one-time vote for a friend or you just want to learn more about VOUBS features, you can sign in with your existing account on one of the social networks Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

You can always transform your "Social networking" account to a registered VOUBS profile after contacting the contact form.

Note: When you sign in with a social networking account, you automatically receive a username and automatically update your profile photo and names in accordance with your social networking account. The update happens every time you use the login form.

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