December 18, 2018
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Environment
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This birch is located in the city on the side of the most ordinary road surrounded by houses and cars.

A glance fell on a piece of glass, which lay nearby - in an instant the idea came to try to diversify the scene, because this piece of glass perfectly captured the reflection.

The glass was neatly placed on the fingers, flat, in front of the lens at the bottom of the frame. The end of glass was specially taken in the frame - it was he who created the effect of turquoise sea greens in this plot. The tilt of the glass also changed slightly to catch the reflections of the birch and the surrounding plans.

For the inexperienced spectator, a sensation of turquoise ice or a completely flat surface of the water, which has a single tree, is created.

So simple, in the middle of the city, with a piece of glass in hand, with fog and snowfall in service, near the road with roaring cars, a piece of silence, tranquility, lightness and cleanliness with turquoise hues and smell

Categories: Nature Photography

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