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27 comments from 23 voubsters
No User   I voted for you with 10.
Please, vote back for my photo
October 26, 2015 09:01:49 AM UTC
Fatos Nimani   Brilliant pic! ...Voted 10 and gived a heart, Can you do the same for me.Thank you end good lock
October 25, 2015 03:03:02 PM UTC
Teodora Filipova   Hey, I voted for you! Can you do the same https://www.voubs.com/photo/red-bird/cae961538d5728c396a664422ac29736
October 24, 2015 12:12:20 PM UTC
Yohan Lyutskanov   10
October 23, 2015 06:03:02 PM UTC
Izabel Ivanova   I gave you 10 points. Can you do the same for me if you like my photo :)
October 23, 2015 01:33:18 PM UTC
Corina Gabriela   Very nice photo!! Could you please vote for
Thank you and good luck :)
October 22, 2015 10:26:11 PM UTC
Milan Milosevic   Wonderful shot! Great light!!
Voted (No. 12) 10!
If you like black and white photography, please, check my photo and vote if you like it
October 22, 2015 06:21:57 PM UTC
Viktoriya Todorova   Hi, I voted 10 for your photo! Please vote back if you like mine https://www.voubs.com/photo/Happy-/1a69dfdb89676a1ae295beb085a614ef
October 22, 2015 12:21:42 PM UTC
Nikola Tasevski   10\10 Only one day left for public voting for my contest. I have voted 10 for you, please support me too.
Thank you in advance :)
October 22, 2015 11:00:24 AM UTC
Марија Тодоровић   voted :)
can you vote back
October 22, 2015 08:56:39 AM UTC