All Saints Church

October 21, 2016
Contest: Architectural Photography VIPA 2016
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Ицо Тепавичаров

All Saints Church is a cultural monument. The beginning of its construction can be assigned to 1830-34 and its consecration was performed in 1846. It was built upon a supporting wall at the place of an old church which existed until Teteven was burnt down. It is characterized by its stateliness, unlike other churches of that time, which are sunken into the ground, representing an exception from all churches built in the period when Bulgaria was under Turkish rule. The church makes an extremely strong impression with its appearance and dimensions (31.1 m long, 14 m wide and with approximately 1.5 m thick walls). The church domes were erected in 1895 by Eng. Trifonov.The church bells were cast in Moscow in 1875. They announced the joy of the Liberation on 1st November and one of them, unable to resist this joy, received a crack. This is also the church where Vasil Levski, the Apostle of Freedom, sang his “It is Truly Meet” in 1870.

The All Saints Church is located in the central part of Teteven.

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