Apple and creme brulee cake

May 26, 2015
Contest: Delicious Home-Made Cooking Recipe
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Apple and creme brulee cake /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=5004
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Aurora Butoi

• 6 eggs
• 6 tablespoons sugar (180 gr)
• 6 tablespoons flour
• 100g raisins
• vanilla
Creme brulee:
• 1 liter of milk
• 6 eggs
• 250 g sugar (one cup)
• 1 teaspoon rum
• 150 g sugar
• 7 large apples
Whipped cream for garnish.
In a greased pan well with butter put high apples peeled and pitted on the bottom. Stuffing them in preheated oven at 180ºC until tender (approx. 30 min.)
Meanwhile prepare creme brulee: a tall pot, mixing the eggs with the sugar until lighten then add milk and rum and mix well.
We prepare and caramel in a saucepan of stainless steel where we mix the sugar and simmer until it darkens. Please note: you should not burn when he got caramel color, we take it off the heat and pour over the apples and on the cratitii with a spoon.
Pour milk and egg mixture over the apples and place it in a pan with hot water and a tray placed in the oven. Creme brulee is made when, if you move the pan, shaking like a jelly (this happens after ~ 40 min.).
Meanwhile we prepare the cake:
In a bowl tall, beat egg whites until stiff then add sugar spoon by spoon, mixing well after each.
Then add the yolks, as one by one by doing the same as whites.
Finally add the flour in rain sifted beforehand,
stirring from top to bottom.
Pour the batter over the creme brulee.
Its nice level surface and place it in the oven until the cake is baked (as in the pan with hot water). When ready (inserting a toothpick in countertop, it must come clean) it out of the oven and leave the cake in the pan until it cools (and leave it overnight or 4-5 hours).
On top put a plate of cakes and overthrow him.

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