Austere dreams

January 4, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Heritage
$ 4800
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The ancient city of Bhaktapur, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO has the best-preserved palace courtyards and is famous for its rich culture, temples, and wood artworks. The centuries old craftsmanship is prominent in the architecture of the place and the usage of wood vastly extensive. Bhaktapur is to the east of Kathmandu whose literal translation is "Kastha" - wood and "Mandap" - covered shelter.
Once in the heart of Bhaktapur I came across this little girl curiously observing the tourists from an old wooden shelter. There was clearly more to her than her innocent smile. As if I could sense in her a perpetual hope, dreams of a life beyond the abject poverty and acute negligence around maybe, or was she even aware of such a possibility? Guess I would never know.

Categories: Action Photography

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