Bird of Love and Peace

September 5, 2015
contest: Best Bird Photography Contest
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Agim Hoxha
European Union

The dove was a symbol of quiet innocence. Doves mate for life and work together to build their nest and raise their young. Doves, usually white in color, are used in a variety of settings as symbols of love, peace. At the 1950 World Peace Congress in Sheffield, Picasso said that his father had taught him to paint doves, concluding, "I stand for life against death; I stand for peace against war ". At the 1952 World Peace Congress in Berlin, Picasso's Dove was depicted in a banner above the stage.

Categories: Drawing Photography

193 comments from 153 voubsters
Ivana Paunovic   Really nice!
December 1, 2015 10:32:27 AM UTC
ilarion Ilarionov   i voted for you |:)
October 25, 2015 04:17:01 PM UTC
Jelena Kocic   10 :) thank for your vote, too
October 25, 2015 11:03:39 AM UTC
Agim Hoxha   Galdi, thank you : )
October 24, 2015 05:04:28 PM UTC
Галя Думанова   Hey, I voted for you!
October 24, 2015 03:18:32 PM UTC
Agim Hoxha   yafmaverick, you are welcome! Thanks for your vote too :)
October 24, 2015 09:46:10 AM UTC
Slobodan Maricic   10, thnx for your vote!
October 24, 2015 09:33:22 AM UTC
Agim Hoxha   Grigorova, yesterday I voted with 10 points your photo :)
October 24, 2015 08:41:33 AM UTC
No User   I voted for you with 10.
Please, vote back for my photo
October 24, 2015 08:00:26 AM UTC
Agim Hoxha   George thank you! I voted 10 points for your photo too. Good luck :)
October 24, 2015 06:51:12 AM UTC
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