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Bridge on Sava river

March 31, 2017
contest: "The most beautiful places" photo competition
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Bridge on Sava river /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=35520
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anagalic anagalic Female
Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the moment when I choose to take a photo while I was walking with my dog. This bridge connects two countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and during the last war it was cast down. I walked under it so many times and it is a part of my life. Every single thing that has anything in touch with my birth town kind a reminds me of my faily and my happy childhood. My mom is gone now and I miss her. I live with my own family, have a daughter and husband, but this part of me is missind. She had a cancer and died in terrible condition. That changed me, who I am. I appreciate every part of my childhood memory.

Categories: Photography

12 comments from 12 voubsters
Valeri Nikolaev   10
April 10, 2017 11:55:43 AM UTC
Lyubo Mitkov   10
April 9, 2017 06:08:28 PM UTC
anagalic anagalic   Greetings,
Hi to all of you who did see and vote for my pic. I am happy to be a part of this contest and most of all that people from all over the world can see what Gradiška town in Bosnia and Herzegovina looks like. If anypne wants to vote for me please check that you hit the small star in the right corner bellow picture. Comments are not votes, like Aleksandar, Kostadinka or any other member thinks it is. Thanks anyway and good luck!
Sincerely, Ana
April 4, 2017 04:52:28 PM UTC
Eduard Andrica   10
1 April 4, 2017 12:41:29 AM UTC
Alexander Ivanov   10/10 :))
1 April 3, 2017 07:53:02 PM UTC
Roza Kopyan   nice shot!
1 April 3, 2017 06:52:53 AM UTC
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