Carved wooden coats

February 16, 2018
contest: "Wood and Life" Environment category
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Michelle K Williams Female
Northumberland, United Kingdom

These amazing creations are the work of artist Tom Newstead from Northumberland, England. He creates these from things he has found along the beach, driftwood and silver birch. As well as creating wooden clothing which he has on display on a clothes line, he creates miniature boats which are intricate, incorporating windows, guns and even torn sails.

His creations are currently displayed in his hut behind the Kings Arms in Seaton Sluice, where he has lived for most of his life. The hut is a warm, predominately wooden refuge for a man of great artistic talent and it is full of his other carvings, which include chairs, musical instruments carved from driftwood and archways through the hut. Out the front is a six foot tall Viking.

His work is inspired by the land, the sea, the beach and most importantly the forest. The wood he uses has often travelled many miles before being washed up on the beaches of Northumberland.

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