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Catastrophe in Kuzomen

December 19, 2018
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Environment
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Alexander Stepanenko

Arctic arctic desert destroys the village of Kuzomen and the Varzuga River. They are fighting with ecological catastrophe for a century, but the element wins. Kuzomen sands stretch for 13 kilometers. And this is not a miracle of nature. This desert was made by man. Active deforestation deprived the sands of support. And the harsh northern winds set in motion the sands. For residents of Kuzomen, creeping sands are a real disaster. The club is already half sand sprinkled. Hydrologists have even named a specific figure - after 15 years, the ten extreme houses of the village will be gone, they will fall into the Varzuga River. Also, sand crumbles into the river, changes its course, as a result the fish disappears. What did environmentalists come up with? They build a “green shield” that should stop the threat: they plant small bushes and trees. Now the main thing is that these seedlings should be used to new soil. Landing success depends a lot on the weather.
Russia, Murmansk region, Tersky district.

Categories: Nature Photography

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