Charlotte cake with pineapple

May 27, 2015
Contest: Delicious Home-Made Cooking Recipe
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Aurora Butoi

Ingredients 1 cup sugar 4 gelatin packs 1 can pineapple compote orange cream 500 ml
Preparation: put the hydrated gelatin juice from canned (before 30 minutes). Separate the eggs. Beat the egg white foam with half the amount of sugar (half cup), whip yolks with remaining sugar. Beat cream foam. Then put on fire over them yolks and add gelatin, stirring quickly without too much let them on fire ... Cream incorporate the egg whites, then add the yolks ... In a pan put a sheet of cellophane and then sliced ​​orange on the edges, then pour mixture over it quickly and it put the champagne biscuits. It gives then refrigerate. After hardening upside down on a platter, champagne wafers became the basis of cake. Enjoy your meal !!!

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