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December 22, 2016
contest: People Photography VIPA 2016
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Mohamed Nasseh Aziki

I guess we all agree there isn't an image better than one taken with no previous intention, all you have to do is to stay awake and fully aware of your surrounding or you might miss the wonder happening around you, this day I was grabbing my pocket camera which I thought it's runs off battery after a long day of climbing and taking photos, at that moment I saw what's I saw, take it off my pocket and prayed for it to switch on and it's was my lucky day, I won't say it's was a miracle but I was fortunate, in my way home I came across the perfect picture in my humble opinion, this old man in the picture was sleeping in the side of the road while the warm sun burning his wrinkled face, siting on a pile of junk and a small plastic chair under his legs and shrunken in layers of clothes, I must say that's wasn't the most comfortable position I've seen someone sleeping or siting in, however He was completely disconnected from everything around him, just like a dead man, probably he was really dead, the story behind this man makes the picture so subtle and exposed to investigation, very static but carries a lot of emotion and hidden puzzles behind it, it's makes you question and curious about an old man no one was paying attention to but had the honor to take a picture off , at least I will remember him and hopefully you will as well, because such a picture leaves a strong impression and should be written in the pages of history where regular people have no place to, everyone has a great in the inside of him, such this man you'll never know his backstory, and what's he had been through.

Categories: Photography VIPA 2016

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