Dule Savic and me

June 17, 2015
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Nadja  Kljajevic

In addition to being a Red Star former great, fondly remembered by football fans across Serbia, Savić unexpectedly grew into somewhat of a pop-culture hero during the late 1990s. Several things contributed to this.

The 1997 movie The Wounds directed by Srđan Dragojević, features a scene with two main characters chanting "Duuuule Savić" during sexual intercourse with a prostitute. The chant is delivered in fashion similar to the way neighbourhood kids exclaim their favourite player's name after scoring a goal on the playground. Also, name Dule Savić is yelled out by disabled soldier in Dragojević's 1996 movie Pretty Village, Pretty Flame when he tries to kick papaya thrown to him by couple of junkies.

Then in 1999, rock band Prljavi Inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi released a track titled "Dule Savić" that is playing on the new meaning of "Dule Savić" with sexual connotations introduced by The Wounds movie.

Finally, in the 2000 comedy Munje! by Radivoj Andrić, Savić plays himself as deus ex machina of sorts in a scene featuring the main characters being stranded with a broken down vehicle in the middle of the night. Just as they're discussing Savić's famous 1979 UEFA Cup eight-final goal vs. Arsenal F.C. at Highbury, he suddenly appears out of nowhere in his oldtimer, dispenses some random life advice, and rides off into the night.

Disciplines: Fashion Drawing Home and Family Photography

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