Eat with pleasure

October 13, 2015
Contest: Kebs logo design contest
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Simon MecHy Male
Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

Well i take for a first time part in contest in Voubs so i dont know really what to say. You can read it easily , easy to remember and to recognize you can put it easy everywhere on a stamp, a napkin, on paper, signboard and many more. Is looking good in black and white and colorful. I think is a very good logo!

Disciplines: Science Drawing Photography

41 comments from 35 voubsters
222 222  

Hi, I voted for you #49/10
Can you vote for me too :)
Thanks in advance ;)

November 6, 2015 04:59:28 PM UTC
Rashed Rashed
Rashed Rashed  

The Jump Vote

November 3, 2015 02:46:45 PM UTC
Corina Gabriela
Corina Gabriela  

Very nice !! Could you please vote for
Thank you and good luck :)

November 2, 2015 09:06:40 PM UTC
Ivica Milosevic
Ivica Milosevic  

Voted 10/10 please support my work at:

November 2, 2015 01:51:31 PM UTC
Dejan Mircevski
Dejan Mircevski  

I voted 10 for you, please vote for

November 1, 2015 08:37:05 PM UTC
Sanya Georgieva
Sanya Georgieva  

10! Good luck

Please vote for my design..

November 1, 2015 04:32:19 PM UTC
Марија Тодоровић
Maiden Queen
Maiden Queen  

46/10 for you, Good luck!

Everyone, PLEASE support me on my contest, ^_^

All the best!

November 1, 2015 01:21:29 PM UTC
Rashed Rashed
Rashed Rashed  

Cannibal Faced Spider Vote

November 1, 2015 11:32:26 AM UTC
Ivan Malakov
Ivan Malakov  

voted with 10, no. 45. Please vote for my video :

November 1, 2015 08:23:09 AM UTC
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