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Far-far away

April 24, 2017
contest: "The Fairytale Castle" photo montage contest
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Anna Koltsova Female

Glorious traveler, welcome.
If you read this, then help us.
We are people of the kingdom, who was an enchanted witch.
Do you hear us? And do you even see? So you're special. And we will reveal our secret to you.
So, long ago, people, animals and nature, lived under the leadership of a glorious, kind and fair king. He and his queen ruled for a long time, everything was in abundance, the warrior was not. But one grieved the entire kingdom, the ruler and his wife, there was no heir or heiress.
And now, completely despaired, the beautiful king issued a decree, which said:
"Dear subjects, I will forgive your help. We are looking for a good sorceress who will give my queen a child. For help, I will give the most precious thing that I have. "
He sent messengers to all corners of his kingdom, he waited. And began to come, sorcerers and wizards and fairies and all the magical creatures, but no one could help.
When there was no hope at all, a beautiful sorceress came to the castle. She helped the ruler, they had a girl. But the sorceress did not take the gift she had promised.
As time passed, the princess grew and became more beautiful. It became more and more beautiful and beautiful, all loved ones loved it. Everyone began to forget about how beautiful and kind the sorceress was, she herself understood that every day the princess was loved more and more. So one day from a kind and beautiful sorceress, she turned into an evil and old sorceress and everyone forgot about her.
Many, many years later.
The eighteenth birthday of the princess, the prince in love with her, came to the ball to see his beloved. But in place of the castle is only an old witch's hut. Entering it, he saw dust everywhere, moss. And the table on which was a bottle, small people and a castle with lands, imprisoned in a magic glass that can not be broken. The prince tried for a long time to free his beloved and all of her people, but could only stab a bottle. Then the witch returned and reduced herself to the size of an insect and was left with her beloved.
Help us, come to the hut, kill the witch and save us.

Categories: Photography Graphic Design Painting Visual Arts

6 comments from 6 voubsters
Svetlana Stoyanova   Фантастично!
May 7, 2017 07:10:05 PM UTC
Roza Kopyan   very nice! удачи :)
April 27, 2017 06:11:06 PM UTC
Калоян Георгиев   Definitely one of the best offers in the competition. Good job!
April 26, 2017 07:12:08 PM UTC
Boryana Ivanova   OMG!!! Amazing!
April 25, 2017 06:54:41 PM UTC
Alexey Skorokhod   Seems to be one of the winners of this contest!
April 25, 2017 10:08:29 AM UTC
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