From Little Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

January 2, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Environment
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Froilan Robas

A tree created by time, preserved by nature to give the world what it deserves to have, to give shades and life to all living creatures like the human and animal shown. We, use these trees for our resources such as energy, in simple thought we use the restoration of waste materials from the trees and forest to generate a small-scale energy such as burning wood for heat.
Acacia trees are very abundant in Zamboanga City, Philippines. These species of trees are century old and some are over 145 years old. These trees are being preserve by the city's local government through an ordinance which is aimed at generating "participatory and active consciousness among the residents to take care, preserve and maintain the trees in their natural state as well as the preservation of other life forms that live within or dependent on said trees for their survival.”
For the past 4 years the local government has declared over 150 trees as "Century Trees and Heritage Trees" that are considered ecologically, historically or culturally valuable. A special technical committee is mandated by a City Ordinance to make the necessary and appropriate measures through the use of modern science and technology and to undertake the maintenance and preservation of all declared trees in coordination with the concerned barangays where the trees are located.

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