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July 11, 2015
contest: My country's most interesting custom
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Marci Varga Mihai Male

My mother helps my sister in dressing up and getting ready for church. The dresses seen in the picture are arguably the most colorful and complex folkloric dress of Romania. Yet unmarried girls sometimes wear on their heads an ornament made out of pearls, beads, etc that weights 5 kg. he dresses are made out of silk and wool, all sewed by hand entirely. This dress is the traditional dress of the Kalotaszeg region`s Inaktelke village. This region`s every village has a total different folkloric dress. These villages are found in Transylvania`s Cluj county. In the village Inaktelke every household maintains a room called "the clean room" where they keep generations dresses and all the folkloric hand painted and carved furniture.

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