August 10, 2015
Contest: Beautiful Nature Photo Contest
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Fisnik Islami Male
Tetovo, Macedonia

This place is in Ohrid, Macedonia, near St.Naum Ohridski, really nice place ,hope you guys to visit, there is a Church, with a fantastic road up to it, also you can see the beautiful Ohrid lake when you arive there( to the church) . I love this picture because there are some colors I really admire, like green flipped to yellow, the colors between summer and autumn. For this shot I used Nikon, also this picture is made by 18 shots ,it's called Bracketin-Manual Blending.
I think this picture should win because it's really interesting photo also great place, by the photography in this picture are some rules that are respected like 50% , rule of thirds , the diagonals. This photo does not mean just Nature photography, it can be used as Landscape Photography or Reflection Photography, or something that have meaning with nature.
This title (greenlife) ,means nature, clean life,healthy life. So I put that title, hope all you like the title also.

Disciplines: Drawing Photography

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Georgi Kostov
Georgi Kostov  

I voted for you 10! Can you vote for me :)

October 1, 2015 01:51:55 PM UTC
Nina Tomašević
Nina Tomašević  

Voted 10 and gave heart. Would you be so kind to vote back for me and give me hearts in these photos?

Thanks a lot, kissssess 

September 30, 2015 08:41:27 PM UTC
Kriso O'Conner
Kriso O'Conner  

very good :) 10
can you vote fot thhis and another my photos if you liked

September 28, 2015 06:28:04 PM UTC
Jovana Mutavdžić
Jovana Mutavdžić  

Voted 10 :)
Vote back if u can :D

September 28, 2015 12:45:58 PM UTC
Ed Mihai
Ed Mihai  

i voted , pls vote for me. thanks

September 26, 2015 05:41:57 PM UTC
emil cvetanov
emil cvetanov  

Hey I voted with 10! Can you please do the same for me . Thanks

September 21, 2015 04:11:01 PM UTC
Juliana Panayotova
Juliana Panayotova  

hello i have voted 10 please vote me back

September 18, 2015 11:18:08 AM UTC
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