Head hunter

February 19, 2018
Contest: Wildlife Photography
€ 505
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I went to Pulbrough brooks Nature reserve to take pictures of Insects. I was following a spider on fence, it was looking for prey. Suddenly I seen another jumping spider jumped on to ground on lose dry leaf from lower fence and caught a hover fly. It took a long time to kill the hover fly. Selected pictures I have taken was after almost 40 min. I have taken lots of pictures in between. Few of them I Processed because most of them was unable to focus Stack due to lots of movement of both subject. After killed the hover fly it was not moving very much and was busy to eat fly and I get time to get some pictures for focus stack. Almost after half and hour its took off the head and was enjoying eating the head. After finishing eating the head it just goes away to fence again and did not bother to eat body again. All shot was hand held. Normally i do not use tripod in wild macro shots. I find it hard to use tripod in wild macro shots and its takes time a lot to movement.

Disciplines: Photography

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