Homemade kimbap

June 6, 2015
Contest: Delicious Home-Made Cooking Recipe
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Punky Atanasova Female

- 3 cups of rice
- 5 nori (seaweed)
- ham
- danmuji (Korean pickled radish)
- 3 eggs
- cucumber
- carrot
- crab
- sesame oil
- sugar

First, you must cook your rice. It is best if it's done in a rice cooker, but if you don't have one, that's okay. It has to be sticky. While it's cooking you should prepare the other products. Beat the eggs and fry them in a pan, like an omelette. Then, when it's ready, you should cut it in strips. You sould also cut the ham, crab, raddish, carots and cucumber in strips. When your rice is ready, you should season it with sugar and sesame oil to taste.
For this next part, I highly recommend a rolling mat, because without it, it's really hard. You put a seaweed sheet on the mad, shiny side down. You place the riceand press it down to it, but make sure that the upper part and bottom part of it, have some space with no rice, so they can be closed and sticked together. When you roll it, make sure to press the ingredients, that should be positioned in the middle of it, all stacked together or very close to each other, back with your fingers, so they stay inside the roll and don't spill out. Once you've rolled it, you have to press it a bit, so it can stick better. When you remove it from the mat, spread some sesame oil over the roll, so it will look shiny. Cut and enjoy!

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