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In the classroom

January 3, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Heritage
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Bistra Stoimenova Female

The old school in Tryavna town

Bulgaria was quite unlucky in terms of rulers. The Ottoman empire was not only backward and hostile to its Christian subjects but also dreadfully behind the rest of Europe in terms of development ever since the 15th century. All of the Balkan countries suffered but Bulgaria had the worst lot since it was too close to the empire capital - Istanbul. Too many soldiers and civilians were made to populate the land and almost any attempt of the Christian population to have something resembling a privilege was blocked. Ordinary things such as deciding what clothes to wear or owning a horse or an ox were controlled (and heavily taxed if even allowed) by the state.

Education at that time was really hard to get. Bulgarians who wanted to study would start in the church - learning to read and write from the Gospel under the guidance of a priest. Then, if they were lucky enough, they could go to either a Greek school or to Russia to continue their education. Most of these people came back to Bulgaria as the first highly-educated teachers, for the first time ever since the Medieval ages. They developed the education system of Bulgaria and raised the next generation - of traders, thinkers and scholars which in itself gave rise to the third generation - that of the revolutionaries. In Bulgarian history, all those people are collectively called 'national leaders' or 'народни будители' ('those who woke the nation up' as the literal translation goes).

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