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Kashi - The Super Kid from Miranjani Top

December 26, 2018
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - People
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Kashi - The Super Kid from Miranjani Top /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=47498
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Ubaid Ur Rehman Male

I was on my Tour to Murre and Nathiagali with my friends when we decided to trek the Miranjani Top, which was the tallest Peak in that area. It took us two hours to reach the top where we saw a family; two boys, a girl and a father who looked quite poor and from the rural background. They were the locals of the village beneath the mountain. They were there to collect herbs for a medicine to treat sensitive teeth. On our way back, they offered us a guidance with a simpler path which was quite narrow but short. We being the people of city, were quite scared going down however this little guy named "Kashi" was running and jumping on that track like a walk in a park. When I took my camera out and captured his little box of happiness and joy he was getting out of these little things in-spite of not having many luxuries in life. This photo changed my view of looking at things and taught me to enjoy and get the most out of little things in life without having the concerns about what you don't have with you.

Categories: Nature Photography

2 comments from 2 voubsters
zaidmuneeb2   Brilliant photo!
December 31, 2018 12:32:58 AM UTC
Sadaf Zahra  
1 December 26, 2018 09:49:28 PM UTC
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