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October 30, 2015
contest: Kebs logo design contest
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Ѓорѓи Станковски Male

The logo represents the dish and inside is written the name of the company, while up is the logo with the seal for best kebap, the most important thing that the customer will notice is that the creation of the kebap meets the requirements of the customers.

Categories: Science Drawing Photography

11 comments from 11 voubsters
Villy Eu   I just rated your work.

Can you support me and vote my photos?


All the best!
November 8, 2015 04:07:24 PM UTC
Arijan Zallqi   Briliant shot!....Voted 10 and clicked a heart this picture, Can you do the same for me
Thank you in advance.
November 4, 2015 08:15:26 AM UTC
Corina Gabriela   Very nice !! Could you please vote for
Thank you and good luck :)
November 2, 2015 08:36:04 PM UTC
Iliqna Ivanchova   I voted with 10 points, please vote for me and good luck :)
November 2, 2015 04:36:24 PM UTC
Nicoletta Bolcheva   10 :-) Good luck. Please vote for me as well
November 2, 2015 02:50:57 PM UTC
Viktoriya Todorova   Hi, I voted 10 for your photo! Please vote back if you like mine
November 2, 2015 09:52:41 AM UTC
Dejan Mircevski   I voted 10 for you, please vote for
November 1, 2015 09:00:12 PM UTC
Ivana Ilievska   #9 is my vote

I voted 10 for you, can you please do the same for me?
Thank you 
November 1, 2015 07:52:55 PM UTC
Марија Тодоровић

can you vote for me?
November 1, 2015 03:05:33 PM UTC
Полина Иванова   Voted 10. Good luck :)
Will you do the same for me?
Thank you :)
November 1, 2015 02:40:09 PM UTC
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