Keeper of the wood

November 23, 2017
contest: "Wood and Life" People category
$ 4800
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Иван Ковалёв

Every time when all of you plunge into the forest area deeper and more deeply, you accurately suffer a fixed, but imperceptible look. It none other than Keeper of the wood. To this day nobody and ever managed to see him. Presence was given only an inexplicable perspiration from his breath on a forehead, not under your legs by the crackling branches and bushes waving in windless silence. It is a lot of mean people false "hey" he brought to bogs. I brought many kind people to the road to the house. Without having feelings, the actions it reflects those thoughts with what you have appeared in his possession. Not to remember also with what this significant day we came into the wood. But then he has once and for the first time allowed us itself to see and to imprint. I remember precisely, this day we have planted a tree...

Categories: Photography Awards ceremony

7 comments from 7 voubsters
Milena Radeva   10
1 February 18, 2018 06:45:07 AM UTC
Svetlana Milcheva   Awesome picture! 10
1 February 11, 2018 03:04:04 PM UTC
Rumyana Georgieva   Amazing... 10
1 February 9, 2018 09:10:05 PM UTC
Jovana Trajković   Excellent photo!
1 February 6, 2018 06:39:36 PM UTC
Иван Ковалёв   Ruta78, Yes. This my photo. Why you ask?
February 5, 2018 08:20:42 PM UTC
Roza Kopyan   10 for sure! good luck
1 February 1, 2018 11:24:13 AM UTC
Emiliqn Evdokimov   10
1 January 24, 2018 08:33:44 PM UTC
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