July 13, 2015
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Lazaruvane is an old Bulgarian custom, which is performed to welcome spring. It is celebrated on the day of St. Lazarus - the Saturday eight days before Easter. Lazaruvane symbolizes the growth of the girl – how it gets older and transforms from a child into a young woman. It was considered that a girl, who has performed this ritual, is ready for marriage. Preparation for the festival begins in the days of Easter Lent when the dancers gather to remember old and learn new songs for the celebration. No songs or dances are allowed during Lent, and entertainment for young girls is limited, therefore these meetings are greeted with joy and fill the girls with tremulous expectations. On the day of the feast the girls cross the village in groups and sing their songs, dressed in beautiful national costumes or bride outfits, borrowed from a recently married bride. The girls adorn themselves with various ornaments - mostly jewelry, coins, flowers and feathers. There is a belief that every home, where the girls – Lazarki - have sung, will enjoy health and fertility during the next year. The girls meet on the morning of the day of St. Lazarus in the house of a girl which is chosen for their leader. From there, at noon, starts the journey of the group, which crosses the whole village and sings while visiting the houses in the village. For each family member the girls choose a special song from their repertoire, which corresponds to their age and position in the family and society. The grateful hosts give the girls small gifts, mostly eggs, money, flour. Meanwhile another group of singers crosses the fields and gardens and sings songs for fertility and good harvest. T he culmination of the feast is the so-called Lazar dance. All girls, who participated in the rituals during the day, gather and dance in front of the married women and the single men in the village. At this dance the men choose their future brides and the married women - their daughters-in-law. In essence the day of St. Lazar is a spring festival of the fertility and love. It is one of the brightest and long-awaited holidays in Bulgaria. In many villages the traditions are respected even nowadays, and on the day of Lazarus, by all rules of the ritual, the local girls sing songs about love, sunshine and flowers.

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