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Leqinat Lake

February 27, 2017
contest: "The most beautiful places" photo competition
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Arijan Zallqi Male
European Union

The breathtaking photo of Leqinat lake is taken in the mountains of Rugova near to the Peja town in Kosovo.

The journey to the lake, the nature around and the beautiful views will keep you stunned and speechless, I'm saying this because it was my very first time there, given that the Leqinat lake to the mountains was not very far from my hometown... surprised what I've missed all these years. And one of my words i said to my friend was "the fields are where i go to breathe".

Leqinat lake is a contested border between Montenegro and Kosovo, an agreement with Montenegro has been pushed off since 2012, with Kosovars troubled and anxious by its implications. Montenegro claims that half of the lake and close to 8,223 hectares across the national park should be its domain.

Arijan G. Zallqi

Categories: Photography

28 comments from 25 voubsters
Arijan Zallqi   Thanks to all of you :)
April 5, 2017 09:54:25 AM UTC
Roza Kopyan   so beautiful! good luck in the contest
April 3, 2017 07:23:35 AM UTC
Gergana Ivanova   10
April 2, 2017 09:38:11 AM UTC
Arijan Zallqi   Thanks to all of you :)
March 24, 2017 09:31:44 AM UTC
Samira Dusheva   10
March 23, 2017 12:29:50 PM UTC
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