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Lighting the Bareness

November 5, 2022
contest: Красотата на есента
Lighting the Bareness /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=58446
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Ankit Kumar

The image was captured during autumn season in the evening and displays 'Duality of Life'. Human life is also full of ups and downs, also the sunlight is the light of hope and courage that provides us the energy to again rise to a new level after falling down.
True help comes from far away land/person or stranger who has enough energy to take us out of ditch and alllow (Empathy) us to walk forward in life.

In India devotees gather together with their families and offer their prayers in the direction of Sungod or "Suryadev" before sunset and after sunrise.

Mother or "Chath Maiya" ( mother god) does fasting for 3 and half days and prays to sun god specially for her children and her family while standing in river Ganga or Yamuna( Himalyan rivers) .
All members Touch the feet of mothergod for her blessings once her prayers have completed and she has come out of the river.
This is a typical festival of the State Bihar in India.

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