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December 19, 2018
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - People
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Arkhangelsk village Small Ozerki is dying , houses are being collapsed and become empty. Only in the last 25 years in the village stables have been burned, calf shed has been collapsed, shop has been closed. There is no work, youth leaves, the old people die. Few pensioners in Small Ozerki attain the age: Alla Travina (84 years) and Nina Udalova (83 years). All life aunt Alla was working at the farm and Aunt Nina at the post office. They are alone in their old age: children have left to work in the city ...
They support themselves, sad, be bored but their spirit doesn’t not fall!They lived all their lives in the village. They stoked and heated their stoves with firewood. Firewood must be brought from the forest, sawed, chopped, folded into the barn. And from the barn we have to carry firewood to the house in order to heat the stoves.

Categories: Nature Photography

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