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Looking into the future through the wedding ring - Galichnik Macedonia

July 8, 2015
contest: My country's most interesting custom
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Looking into the future through the wedding ring - Galichnik Macedonia /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=8897
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Emil Arsov Male

The Galichnik Wedding is one of the most popular traditions in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, It is real wedding, and every year a couple is selected that will do their wedding in this traditional way... speacial costumes are used, traditional songs from Galichnik area, and many toursts vitnes this big day, on this day it is a tradition for the bride to look inside the ring, my explanation is that with this she look into the future, and what kind of life she wll have with her new husband... it is a great experiance, you must visit this event, it takes place every year in same period, I have been there many times, and one of the most popular traditional dances is "oro" Teskoto.

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Jijka Jij   10+ for u
please vote with 10 for me too ^_^
August 4, 2015 01:19:06 PM UTC
ExoticArt Bg   I voted for you 10! Can you vote for me :)
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August 3, 2015 09:30:51 PM UTC
Anita Spirkovska   Voted with 10.
Please vote for my daughter too :)
August 3, 2015 10:37:04 AM UTC
Petya Nikolova   Hey, I like your photo, I'm giving you 10 points :))) Will you do the same for me, please? :) https://www.voubs.com/photo/Summer-Spirit/e494dac7cefac1eb2c9870fb9fd2cf84
August 2, 2015 02:54:29 PM UTC
Melanija Ćato   voted 10,please vote back https://www.voubs.com/photo/manicure/1ab4178ac29e8e6e4a822a22ee30861f
August 1, 2015 09:27:08 AM UTC
Teodora Kremova   I voted 10 for you! Can you please vote for me too? Thank you :)
July 31, 2015 10:03:17 PM UTC
Siyana Petkova   Hello, I just have voted for your picture with 10, please, vote back:
July 28, 2015 05:09:48 PM UTC
Мария Петкова   I vote for u. Please like, comment or vote /10/ in:
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https://www.voubs.com/photo/My-lovely-summer/5ddca3a6ba86dd8f7b67b65fb0bbc634 .
Thank u  And good luck 
July 25, 2015 09:12:17 PM UTC
FB.920218581350263   Please vote my picture .I did it for you ! www.voubs.com/photo/A-Place-Called-Home/377ac480e71f5fa8b4b4a4aacc65fcc8 . Also another 5 friends of mine will do the same . Just let me a comment
July 25, 2015 11:08:56 AM UTC
Georgi Kostov   I voted for you 10! Can you vote for me :)
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July 24, 2015 10:47:15 PM UTC
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