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< Beautiful Balkan - This is my Serbia >

April 13, 2015
contest: Most Beautiful Landscape Photo
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< Beautiful Balkan - This is my Serbia > /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=1750
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Andrea Szalai Female

Romantic, but also passionate side of Europe is: The Balkans. Colourful, interesting, lovely places - and people are waiting for you. There are many nationalities, so you can get know many personality types and you can find out how many, and how different cultures live at this beautiful place. You can read in peace at the lakeside, but you can also go to Balkan parties to have fun with your friends (besides, the food is delicious!).
There were wars and catastrophes, but against all these things: people are happy, and they will make you happy too. Nature is the best teacher, so if you see this picture, please, come to see us! Be our guest! Don't make prejudices, before you get know this place, this life style. Be the change!

#beautiful #colours #lake #nationalities #nature #landscape #twilight #serbia #europe #poorbutrichcountry #lovelypeople #romantic #party #peaceful

Categories: Photography

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