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Me and Komuz!

January 4, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - People
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Alina  Sydykova

The photo reflects Zhyldyzbek Shamshiev. He is 47 years old. Jyldyzbek, from Kyrgyzstan, he lives in the Uzgen district. He is a teacher by profession. Work in school, give a lesson to a workaholic and art. Komuz is the Kyrgyz national musical instrument. folk three-stringed pinch musical instrument of the lute type with a long thin neck. A pear-shaped body with a fretless neck is a single unit (it is hollowed out of one piece of wood).The total length of the tool is about 90 cm. It is built according to quints and quarts. The middle string is melodic, the others perform the function of a bourdon. playing a komuz is usually held at an angle of 25-30 degrees (like a guitar); professional performers, demonstrating their skill, play the instrument by “juggling” with it, turning it even with the head down.The sound of the komuz is soft and quiet.
My name is Alina. I'm from Kyrgyzstan. I work as a photographer for about 4 years. I like to shoot different photo projects on different topics. I love to participate in the International photo contest. I really want to win a grant, because if I win a grant, I will go abroad. This is my big and bright dream. Sincerely yours from Kyrgyzstina author of the photo Alina Sydykova

Categories: Nature Photography

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