Me and my soulmate

May 4, 2015
contest: I Love My Pet
€ 700
Me and my soulmate /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=3587
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Joanna Marinova Joanna Marinova

I got Ayra when she was just 40 days old. I've raised her, nurtured her, watch her grow into a beautiful dog! She is the light of my life and the smile on my face! If I win this contest I am going to donate the money to non-profit organisations in my homeland, where the goverment does not subsidize shelters nor animal rescue organization, so more dogs could have a loving home like Ayra did - because every person deserves a dog (more than the other way round)!

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92 comments from 88 voubsters
Елена Манева   10/10
vote me back plz with 10 too :) ?
June 28, 2015 01:28:04 PM UTC
Agim Hoxha   I voted your photo with 10 POINTS, can you check did YOU VOTE my 2 photos? THANK YOU :)
June 27, 2015 07:29:18 PM UTC
Александрина Лекова   wow! this is amazing! 10/10!
June 26, 2015 09:25:06 AM UTC
Lori Samper please support my friend I voted 10
June 26, 2015 01:06:23 AM UTC
Alejandro Babora   how sweet
June 25, 2015 04:09:41 PM UTC
Izabela Damchevska   i voted 10 for your photo :)
can you vote for mine:
thanks and good luck
June 25, 2015 03:18:00 PM UTC
Jolanda Dhamo   I voted 10 for you , vote back
June 24, 2015 09:53:39 PM UTC
Иван Ковачки   10 points for you! Everyone, please support my friend and we will vote you back
June 24, 2015 09:26:43 PM UTC
Brey Sone   I voted 10 for you , vote back
June 24, 2015 08:54:41 PM UTC
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