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My wrinkles can't hide my glorious past.

January 14, 2017
contest: People Photography VIPA 2016
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My wrinkles can't hide my glorious past. /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=32473
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Mujeeb Rahman Kc Male
United Arab Emirates

This old man have a royal tale. He was a very rich person in his young age, but lost everything because of gambling. More over he become a psychic. Later on he stayed away from his family and now he is struggling a lot for his daily needs. Living in London streets by dreaming that he will be getting his old days back soon.

Categories: Photography VIPA 2016

10 comments from 10 voubsters
Ashiq Kc   Wrinkles big stories
January 28, 2017 07:46:25 AM UTC
Jai Prasad   10
January 26, 2017 11:28:38 AM UTC
Choquemj   Wrinkles are a sign of wisdom, great photo!
January 26, 2017 08:44:51 AM UTC
Mubarak Ashraf   NICE
January 26, 2017 07:11:45 AM UTC
Pradeesh Nandanan   Great Shot...!!
January 26, 2017 06:14:50 AM UTC
Rahul Rajendran   A stunner LOOK!! damn intense...
January 26, 2017 06:03:52 AM UTC
Sobha Das   Intense gaze
January 26, 2017 06:00:35 AM UTC
Mohamed Naseeq   Good one ..
January 23, 2017 07:09:52 PM UTC
Georgi Kolev   10
January 23, 2017 06:49:02 PM UTC
Plamen Pulev   10
January 23, 2017 05:54:54 PM UTC
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