Natural Floating Guava Market

September 16, 2018
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Amdad  Hossain

Floating guava market, Swarupkati, Barisal "This is a fragmentary floating earthquake! Barisal, Jhalokati and Pirojpur districts are famous for the cultivation of papaya. Most of the Bangladeshi peaaras come from the region of guava produced. In the Peaar season, the farmers collected the guava from the garden and carried them in small boats and floated at the floating markets of Atghar, Kurniana and Vimaruli. This floating market of hundred years old is sitting throughout the year. But in the paayar season this market is the most busy from July to August. Workers of farmers, small and large countless guava-laden boat crowds, buyers and sellers arrive in the canal - all of the floating markets can be rejuvenated at this time. If there is no rain in the rain. The green nature of the surrounding area becomes more green than the rain touches. Each moment is extremely enjoyable.The biggest guava market in the continent of Asia has been developed in Jhalokati Barisal district, about 31000 acres of the 26 villages of the districts have been developed on this guava garden, about 20000 families associated with Guava cultivation. This peaarara market on the water, where every day paarer hat is sitting. Hundreds of pearls are made by boat, and many are bought by boat in the boat.Excellent panoramic view.

Categories: Nature Photography

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