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February 14, 2018
contest: Portraits Photography
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Amir Lavon

series " on the way home"

Award-winning documentary photographer Amir Lavon "on my way home" has been a journey that has taken him from a low-income housing project in Afula city, Israel, to Lens magazine and to membership in the elite international photojournalists' collective, ssp photography. Amir quest to understand "what it means to be a human being" has given him an extraordinary empathy with the people he photographs.
On my way home presents the first career retrospective of Amir's work. Consisting of over 100 images that span the full range of his subjects and his evolution as a photographer, the photographs are a visual summation of the human condition. They include examples of Amir's early work; a broad selection of images of people from Afula city to Tel Aviv that constitutes a brilliant collective portrait of the social, cultural, and economic experiences of Israelis in our time; images of life and conflict.
As long as we keep moving, we keep pushing ourselves.
“I just kept working at things to try to understand where I was coming from,” he said. “If you don’t try, nothing will happen. This world is so temporary; it would be nice that when we leave it, we leave something of substance behind. I’m not a pacifist or a Pollyanna. I just know there is a better way of doing things.”

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