Not from here not from there

January 14, 2018
Contest: Portraits Photography
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Whenever I’m asked why I write about race and photography. I return to my city, Afula.
City of “minorities", race, politics and a lot of poverty.
I return to it because where I live in says a lot about my relationship to race and my lifelong fascination with it.
But it was the same prejudice i experienced, and observed, that provided my most eye-opening lesson in life.
As a Jew, I have known anti-Semitism.
As a photographer man, I have known many kinds of race. But neither has seemed as relentless as the racism I witnessed growing up — a steady drumbeat of slights, thinly-veiled hostility and condescension perpetrated by even the most liberal and well-meaning people. It was painful to watch, and as my friends let me know, considerably more painful to endure.

Disciplines: Photography Awards ceremony People VIPA 2017

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