Paddling Dreams

October 30, 2015
contest: Extreme Sports Photo and Video Contest
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Rashed Rashed Male

What I love so much about stand up paddle boarding is it's ability to transport one, surrounded by nature, to a quiet, meditative state. On a perfect full moon, windless evening in late September, I got to photograph the nighttime version of this. Waterproof LED lights are attached to the bottom of the boards, illuminating the water below which meant the paddlers could see fish passing by. I photographed this from a jetty at a harbor near my house and was stunned by the beauty of it.

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Georgi Dimitrov   25
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November 24, 2015 10:56:34 AM UTC
Jani Bani   10 from me
vote for my too pls O:)
November 21, 2015 02:36:39 PM UTC
Елица Николаева   10 ;] Please vote. Tx
November 13, 2015 02:07:26 PM UTC
Diana Aleksandrova   Hi, voted for you
would you please vote for me too, thank you
November 12, 2015 09:46:30 AM UTC
Viktoriya Todorova   Hi, I voted 10 for your photo! Please vote back if you like mine
November 11, 2015 03:22:24 PM UTC
Iliqna Ivanchova   I voted with 10 points, please vote for me, too. Good luck:)
November 7, 2015 06:11:07 PM UTC
Villy Eu   I rated 10 your work.

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November 6, 2015 06:21:17 PM UTC
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November 6, 2015 03:29:18 PM UTC
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November 6, 2015 12:11:32 PM UTC
Arijan Zallqi   Days before I voted 10, commented and clicked a heart this picture, Can you do the same for mine .... Briliant shot.
Thank you in advance.
November 6, 2015 09:59:21 AM UTC
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