Portrait in the mirror

October 4, 2015
Contest: Black&White Photography Contest
Portrait in the mirror /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=18272
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Bugarin Dejan Male

Portrait of young girl

Disciplines: Drawing Photography

38 comments from 33 voubsters
Iliqna Ivanchova  

I voted for your your photo, please vote for my too. Good luck :)

November 9, 2015 09:46:56 PM UTC
Ivica Milosevic  

Awesome ^_^ Voted 10/10 please support my work at:
Thanks and good luck

November 5, 2015 01:00:02 AM UTC
Corina Gabriela  

I voted for you, please vote back for me!

November 4, 2015 10:37:04 AM UTC
Boyana Boycheva  

Hello, I voted 10 for your photo! Please vote back if you like mine

November 3, 2015 10:55:39 AM UTC
Gabriela Staykova  

i voted for you, could you vote back? https://www.voubs.com/photo/Scarce-swallowtail/c582fa6812e2cacab6d97e1c6... thank you in advance

October 26, 2015 02:10:12 PM UTC
Georgi Neshev  

10 for your photo
can you vote here https://www.voubs.com/photo/Audi-R8/c5a60e63a3d9b8dcc8fbd136bc6cad21

October 25, 2015 12:08:16 PM UTC
Milan Milosevic  

beautiful work
Voted (No. 29) 10!
Please, check my photo and vote if you like it

October 25, 2015 01:48:44 AM UTC
Полина Иванова  

Great photo. Voted 10. Good luck :)
Can you do the same for me ?
Thank you :)

October 23, 2015 10:32:03 AM UTC
Irina Mazganski  

4 days left, please vote for me here
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Cheers! already voted for you

October 22, 2015 10:04:09 PM UTC
Радостина Станчева  

i voted for your black and white photo with 10, comment and heart, please do the same for me https://www.voubs.com/photo/Prom/cbdc60ed02cb176d9c580f6ebfc5b1c4

October 9, 2015 10:27:03 AM UTC
Viktoriya Todorova  

Hi, I voted 10 for your photo! Please vote back if you like mine https://www.voubs.com/photo/Happy-/1a69dfdb89676a1ae295beb085a614ef

October 9, 2015 10:05:19 AM UTC
Anca Elena Busca  

hi :) voted you 10 and gave a heart please do same for my pictures https://www.voubs.com/photo/bridge-/e2f39913048947a04ae900c5980d3285 https://www.voubs.com/photo/litlle-bridge-/a78e0196ae89be3e811893b847fbc4eb thank you and goodluck

October 7, 2015 09:30:09 PM UTC
Borche Todorovski  

Hi,I voted 10 for your photo and clicked heart.Please do the same for my photo.Thanks: https://www.voubs.com/photo/The-Eiffel-Dream/05643faf880543f156ccf540901...

October 7, 2015 09:31:52 AM UTC
Irina Mazganski  

Amazing photo, voted 10..can you vote back for me here
Cheers! vote numer 21

October 7, 2015 09:30:34 AM UTC
Georgi Kostov  

I voted for you 10! Can you vote for me :)

October 7, 2015 08:32:53 AM UTC
Arijan Zallqi  

Voted 10 and gived a heart, Can you do the same for me
Thank you in advance.

October 6, 2015 05:31:27 PM UTC
Ed Mihai  

Good luck 10! Could you please vote for me

October 5, 2015 08:47:46 PM UTC
Milena Radeva  

I voted 10 for you, please vote back for me!

October 5, 2015 05:48:55 PM UTC

Beautiful photo :D I voted 10 for this photo and can you help me back with 10 please ? good luck

October 5, 2015 04:25:12 PM UTC
Nikola Tasevski  

10\13 10 for you! Please vote back https://www.voubs.com/photo/Peace-in-captivity/a3dc0f04a0641489214900bd7...
Thank you in advance :)

October 5, 2015 12:59:17 PM UTC
Nena Petkovski  


October 5, 2015 12:34:55 PM UTC
Ivana Ilievska  

#11 is my vote I voted 10 for you, please vote for me too
Thank you :)

October 5, 2015 10:51:34 AM UTC
Borche Todorovski  

Hi,I voted 10 for your photo and clicked heart.Please do the same for my photo.Thanks: https://www.voubs.com/photo/The-Eiffel-Dream/05643faf880543f156ccf540901...

October 5, 2015 10:25:04 AM UTC
Михаела Михайлова  

i voted 10 for you before,please vote back for me,thanks

October 5, 2015 08:05:19 AM UTC

Hi, i really like your photo. I voted 10 for your photo, would you just check out my photo and if you genuenly like it, just vote for it what you think it deserves https://www.voubs.com/photo/Stradun-street/71a09d035037c2e0aee0476ecab96896
Thank you and good luck!

October 5, 2015 07:31:42 AM UTC
Jovana Mutavdžić  

I voted 10 ;)
Can u vote back ? :)

October 4, 2015 10:21:31 PM UTC
Nina Tomašević  

Voted and gave 10. Would you be so kind to vote back for me and give me hearts in these photos?



Thanks a lot, kissssess 

October 4, 2015 09:56:48 PM UTC
Belinda Gastarova  

10 to you, vote back please if you like my photo

October 4, 2015 08:24:14 PM UTC
Михаела Михайлова  

i voted 10 for you,please vote for me,thanks

October 4, 2015 06:04:22 PM UTC
Dejan Trifunovic  

Very nice! Voted!
Greetings, d3funovic.

October 4, 2015 06:02:20 PM UTC
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