Prague Castle

July 24, 2015
Contest: Best Building Photo
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Kristijan Kotevski Male

This is me in The Prague Castle, January 2015 ....... This 9th Century castle is one of the largest castles in the world and is home to the crown jewels of the Bohemian Kingdom, which according to legend will cause a usurper to die within one year if worn: interestingly this is exactly what happened to Reinhard Heydrich during the Second World War when he was assassinated within a year of placing the crown on his head.

Disciplines: Drawing Photography

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Izabela Damchevska
Izabela Damchevska  

hey i voted 10 for your photo
please vote for mine :)

thank you and good luck!

August 2, 2015 10:19:02 AM UTC
Ionuţ Robert
Ionuţ Robert  

Wow , Super Photo , Voted you 10 Please vote back

July 30, 2015 03:10:24 PM UTC
Viktoriya Keremidova
Viktoriya Keremidova  

Hello. Please VOTE for my pictures with 10
Let me a comment with the new number and your photo and I will vote back for you and would tell my family and my friends to vote for you  THANKS

July 27, 2015 09:18:03 PM UTC
Боряна Николова
Боряна Николова  

I voted 10 for your photo, can you vote back?
Thank you and good luck!

July 26, 2015 10:16:56 AM UTC
???????  ???a????
??????? ???a????  

I voted 10 for your photo, can you vote back? Thank you and good luck

July 25, 2015 07:44:51 AM UTC
Виктор Станев
Виктор Станев  

Hey,I just voted for you with 10, +add to favorite ,could you do the same for me.Please support me.Thanks,goodluck!:)))))

July 24, 2015 07:44:39 PM UTC
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