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Reach for heaven

January 18, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Environment
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Darya Liger

The photo was taken in Uzbekistan on the way to the city of Tashkent. When my husband and I were returning from a country trip, I fell asleep in the car in the back seat. Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw in the window of insane beauty was trees and a fiery sunset. there was an alley of trees. It seemed that the trees were giants, they sprouted to the sky or even higher and touched the clouds with branches. The car moved fast enough and at some point the trees disappeared from sight, then I asked my husband to come back so that I could take a picture Imagine this frame in memory. I take this photograph to spice up the greatness of nature, its beauty and variety of images.Trees seem to me to be strong and significant objects of the ecosystem. Earth keepers carrying a shadow on a hot day and a support from the wind and sat down during bad weather. Delighting with their fruits and beauty. Cleansing and enriching the planet with oxygen. In this photo I caught the moment, unity with nature, as if the trees spread branches and stretched high up.

Categories: Nature Photography

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