January 25, 2018
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Soumyabrata Roy

Geographically the forest areas in Purulia District (West Bengal, India) are lying between 22.430 to 23.420 North latitude and 85.490 to 86.540 East longitudes and covers an area of forest land in an around 62 thousands hectares. The areas are bounded by Ranchi and Hazaribag districts of Jharkhand in West and Singhbhum district of Jharkhand in South and Bokaro & Hazaribag Districts of Jharkhand North respectively. Physiographically the forest areas in this District falls under a Sub-region of North-Eastern part of Chhotonagpur plateau with undulating and rolling topography. The degradation processes are active in the area as the presence of isolated hills and dissected plateau. Intercepted by broad and narrow valley indicates the extent of degradation status.
As per classification, the forest in Purulia District falls under Northern tropical dry deciduous forest. Mostly coppice Sal forest mixed with misc. species like Palash, Kusum, Mahua, Neem, Kend. Major source for timber, pole, small wood, firewood, medicinal plant to local people.74 trees, 27 bamboos are the main species of Purulia Forest. Medicinal plants of more than 100 species occur in this ecosystem. Plants like Aswagandha, Satmuli, and Vrigoraj are few of them. Haritaki, Amla, Bahera, Karanj, Neem, Sal seeds, Bamboo, Kendu leaves are major Non-Timber Forest Produce found in this District. Here, a woodsman carrying wood after cutting.

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