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September 9, 2015
contest: Best Concert Online Photo&Video Contest
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Lucian Prejbeanu Male

A well known romanian band during a concert in my town. Sometimes I feel that I am very lucky to be a photographer because I am able to capture moments like this!

Categories: Dance Fashion Family Music performance

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September 23, 2015 05:29:04 PM UTC
Irina Mazganski   Cool photo, voted is mine so you can vote back
September 12, 2015 05:59:15 PM UTC
Katerina Opeloska   10 for this great photo!
Can you please do the same here. Thank you and good luck :)
September 12, 2015 05:53:17 PM UTC
Maja Mitkov   29/10Hi,i just voted for you with 10 points,please vote back,thanks
September 12, 2015 05:37:41 PM UTC
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September 12, 2015 08:19:25 AM UTC
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September 12, 2015 08:14:50 AM UTC
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September 12, 2015 06:20:22 AM UTC
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September 11, 2015 08:11:53 PM UTC
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Thank you in advance :)
September 11, 2015 11:18:07 AM UTC
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September 11, 2015 10:38:17 AM UTC
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