Russian folklore Baba Yaga's chicken-legged hut in Moscow

February 20, 2018
contest: "Wood and Life" Heritage category
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Russian folklore Baba Yaga's chicken-legged hut in my residential district area in Moscow. In Russian folklore Baba Yaga lives in an wooden chicken-legged hut, which enables the house to move about in accordance with Baba Yaga’s wishes. When her house moves it spins while emitting a screeching noise. Baba Yaga is classified in Russian folklore as a grumpy and angry character. But she is not considered to be entirely evil. She is a very controversial character.
In the narratives in which Baba Yaga appears, she displays a variety of typical attributes: a turning, chicken-legged hut; a mortar, pestle, and sometimes a mop or a broom. Baba Yaga frequently bears the epithet "bony leg" (Баба-Яга Костяная Нога, Baba Iaga Kostianaya Noga), and when inside of her dwelling, she may be found stretched out over the stove, reaching from one corner of the hut to another. Baba Yaga may sense and mention the "Russian spirit" (русский дух, russky dukh) of those that visit her. Her nose may stick into the ceiling. Particular emphasis may be placed by some narrators on the repulsiveness of her nose or other body parts.

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