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School Service

January 29, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - People
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Allan  Castañeda Male

This photo was taken at the Taal Lake in the town of Balete province of Batangas. This bangka is the school service of these students from the sitio island near the foot of Taal volcano going to the town of Balete in which their school was in this town. Mang Dominador said, these children are free fare because local government supports this for the sake of these students, boatman was paid a small amount of monthly salary coming from the LGU. Mang Dominador said it is not enough to support his family, they will do this for the sake of these students and for everyone. He said, he was hoping that one day one of the students will be successful. For the development of our country the government should support this such kind of situation, these students studying well taking a risk of their life travelling on the lake, if they have their own school on the sitio these students would no longer travelling on the lake going to the nearby town. I know someday one of these students will be successful and they might think to help their communities to be develop and successful.

Categories: Nature Photography

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