Shrimp in sweet and sour sauce

May 24, 2015
Contest: Delicious Home-Made Cooking Recipe
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Shrimp in sweet and sour sauce

For this portion you need about 200 grams shrimp - according to your preference. I bought them frozen and boiled them for 7-8 moments in water, then drained well. For sweet-sour sauce you can use several alternatives - is it in jars in food chains; can order it from a Chinese restaurant, or if you have time to prepare it at home. For this purpose you will need about 100 grams of ketchup, vinegar more so (maybe a little more), 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt. If you prefer one of the ingredients to prevail - add more of it. Once the boil in the pan add a little cornstarch dissolved if necessary to thicken. Natanko add to the sauce sliced ​​carrots, onion, pepper, which previously steamed - perfectly tied to shrimp. For the brave and add pineapple cubes. Mix the sauce and shrimp and have a great appetizer suitable for wine.

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