Silent sunset

April 23, 2015
contest: Most Beautiful Landscape Photo
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Cdo Torremolinos Male

The Picture was shot in South Spain, in the Provence of Malaga, Costa del Sol. Just a few kilometers east of Malaga, at a picnic area called El Palo.
The light was changing really fast, so I had a little struggle with calculating the right shutter speed. I found that using my mobile as a light meter worked out better than using the camera on the tripod, with water splashing all over. Finally I went for 220 sec. f8 - ISO 50 + Haida 4x4" ND 3.0 x1000
Sony ILCA-77M2 Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 AT-X Pro DX II Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro + 055 Magnesium Ball Head with Q2 Haida ND3.0, 1000x Optical Glass Neutral Density Filter, 100x100mm Remote

I visited the beach a couple a mount ago, and took a nice long exposure in the middle of day, I liked the picture but something was missing, So I chose a different composition and the sunset added what was missing.

I always shot in RAW, The Haida filters a very color neutral, slighty warmer, but I like that in some of my shots. White balance is easy to fix with these filters from Haida. I used Lightroom 5.7 for this shot. I spend a couple of hours working at it, with some coffee breaks. I did however discover a error in the finished Picture, a Lightroom Brush had touched a little part of water which was not intended, It took an hour to figure that out.
In my camera bag
My backpack I getting to small, there is only room for the camera and 2 lenses, a few circular filters ND and a Polaerizer. Flashligt, remote, blower, ColorChecker Passport, Ekstra battery and SD card. That it´s. My gear is growing, so I have a ekstra back with me holding 2 filterholder 100mm, Haida 4x4" 3/6/10 Stop ND and Haida 4x6" 1/2/3 Stop ND grad soft. Saving up for the LEE Landscapes Polarizer 105mm and a bigger backpack.

Not that I´m qualified to give any advice, but get there in good time, sunset or sun rise, doesn't last very long :-) I started with photography in black and white 35 years ago, so I had some basic understanding of exposure when started to get in to digital photography. Just about a year ago I watch a video on youtube about DOF, I had no clue what that was, but I got really hooked. That one video changed a lot in my life. I have since that day wacth a lot of video and Seminars. I can recommend the following: B&H, Moose Peterson, Serge Ramelii, SRLounge, Lynda "Really good leaning Photography's videos" and last but not least Mike Browne -

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4 comments from 3 voubsters
Kristian Krustev   10 from me!!!
May 2, 2015 07:13:05 PM UTC
MaRia Mc   I will,too bad 4 ur score,ur pic deserves to be in the top 5
May 1, 2015 01:28:52 AM UTC
Cdo Torremolinos   Hi. Yes it´s my Picture. I from the 20 of April 2015. Thanks
Check my page here at 500px
April 29, 2015 07:41:03 AM UTC
MaRia Mc   if this is your work,I would love to see more of it :) u have 10
April 29, 2015 02:36:01 AM UTC
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