Simple Wedding at 8 Months Preggo

April 30, 2015
contest: Wildest Wedding Photo
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Boriana Slabakova-Dimitrova Female
Burgas, Bulgaria

My husbands unsuccessful attempt at carrying me out of the wedding hall as I was 8 months pregnant. So we took a picture inside and outside that made it look like he is "kind of" carrying me. I refused to have a big wedding at 8 months as I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest but in the end doing this made it all the more special as it was completely stress free, fun, and we ended up spending the money saved up for a wedding for travelling and spoiling our baby :-)

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Жељка Вујчић   I just voted for your picture 10 :)
Can you please help me and vote here?

Thank you very much and wish you all luck! :)
June 18, 2015 07:05:20 PM UTC
Petar Trajcevski   voted 10 :-) please vote for my photo
Thanks :)
June 18, 2015 05:36:21 PM UTC
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