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57 comments from 53 voubsters
emil cvetanov   Hey I voted with 10! Can you please do the same for me
https://www.voubs.com/photo/Lake-in-Kailuka/0e39dc8676c7b8316acd0b6a04404b13 . Thanks
September 17, 2015 11:56:24 AM UTC
Dusan Lukovic   voted for you please return the favor by voting on the folowing link and add heart if you like it
September 15, 2015 07:28:36 PM UTC
Радостина Станчева   Hi, i voted for your eyes with 10 and gave you a heart, please do the same for my photo https://www.voubs.com/photo/Prom/cbdc60ed02cb176d9c580f6ebfc5b1c4
September 15, 2015 08:10:25 AM UTC
Borche Todorovski   Hi,I voted 10 for your photo and clicked heart.Please if you haven’t already,do the same for my photo.Thanks: https://www.voubs.com/photo/The-Eiffel-Dream/05643faf880543f156ccf5409011f508
September 15, 2015 07:36:26 AM UTC
Petya Ivanova   I voted 10, please vote back, thank you
September 14, 2015 07:57:00 AM UTC
Galya Ivanova   Hey, I voted 10 for you , can you please do the same for me?
Thanks and good luck!
September 13, 2015 12:08:48 PM UTC
Nina Saulova   10
September 13, 2015 07:24:46 AM UTC
M PJ   Nice photo! Voted 10! Please RTF here Thank you and Good luck! :)
September 13, 2015 02:01:18 AM UTC
Ива Тодорова   i voted 10 , please vote for me here https://www.voubs.com/photo/Park/c2fe12ae4f493df833b953629fdeab88
September 11, 2015 02:06:59 PM UTC
Nina Tomašević   Voted 10 and gave heart. Would you be so kind to vote back for me and give me hearts in these photos?
Thanks a lot, kissssess 
September 10, 2015 04:48:04 PM UTC