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Sunrise above the sea

December 31, 2018
contest: Best Sunrise/Sunset Photo 2018
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Надя Христова

A beatiful sunrise above Black sea on the beaches of Bulgaria, taken early morning from close to the foaming waves, crashing on the golden sands. It is magical, pure beauty of nature. With the dawn of a new day, new hope rises for the residents of the gorgeous seaside towns, showing them that there is always a new beginning and a new gleaming look upon their lives. In the image of the golden dawn the eyes are washed with a wide array of bright colours. One glare upon this caricature leaves you breathless, there is something fascinating and intimidating, because of the might of the sea waves, it makes you realize how insignificant you are compared to the power of nature. At the same time a person can gaze upon this image and realize that millions of people saw this, thousands of years. There is something humbling about this, how nature after so many years stays ever so charming and even if you come tomorrow or a year later, you will see this beauty, this wonder once again. Our lives pass so quickly with all the problems and worries of our every day lives we forget to stop and looks around us to see what God gives us, to restart ourselves from nature. Before we realize we are at the end of our existence, the time where our mortal bodies are at their final moments and we feel melancholic that we didn't spend enough time travelling around our dazzling, heart-stopping, beautiful planet, seeing more of these gorgeous views and experiencing new things.

Categories: Amateur Photography Nature Photography

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